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HI-LO systems Automated Programmer System AT3-300D

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Product Description

AT3-300D Automated Programming System
An economical multiple pick & place auto programmer for ICs on / in Tray, Tube and Tape

AT3-300D equipment is an economical multiple pick & place auto programmer for ICs on / in tray, tube and tape. System is equipped with 2 pick & place nozzles and 2 built-in Programming Units. It provides intelligent operation for IC programming, tape-out-marking and packing conversion with powerful software control. The resident Programming Units offer efficient and reliable multi-site IC programming. Optional tape-out-marking is available after programming. A variety of I/O devices can be mounted and changed easily providing flexibility of input / output options basing on IC packing form. AT3-300D System takes about 5.5 sec. for each 2 units of pick & place thus get throughput up to ~1300 UPH for ICs with programming time less than 22 sec.

Key features
  • Excellent performance
  • The system can operate a variety of input and output options with tray, tube and tape I/O devices thus provides programming, tape-out-marking and packing conversion for most of IC products on / in tray, tube and tape.
  • Intelligent operation
  • Automatic multiple pick & place operation in sequence of IC loading / pickup / positioning / insertion / programming / sorting / optional marking / unloading with powerful software control.
  • Accurate positioning
  • System is equipped with two precise CCD. One fixed, upward CCD for IC positioning while the other carried, downward CCD for sockets / pick & place spots positioning.
  • Reliable programming
  • The built-in programmers are designed with high speed CPU, resided FPGA, high capacity pin drivers and USB interface, thus providing a high speed, low noise, accurate and reliable programming platform.
  • Multi-site programming
  • Programming Module may have 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 sockets on board considering programming time. Up to 8 x 2 = 16 units of IC can be programmed simultaneously, thus eliminating / minimizing handler idle time when programming high capacity memory devices.
  • High throughput
  • Up to ~1300 UPH, about 5.5 sec. handler index time for each 2 units of pick & place. System offers ~1300 units / hour consistent throughput for ICs with programming time less than 22 sec.
  • Optional marking
  • System provides optional dot / alphanumeric tape-out-marking after programming.
  • Easy change-over & maintenance
  • Easy and fast change-over of socket modules and I/O devices when switching IC products among tray, tube and tape. Power-on self-diagnostics and modularized design allow system easy for maintenance, repair and replacement.
  • Powerful operation software
  • Both setup data and results are automatically saved for next power-on operation as well as for quality / yield traceability. Graphical user interface makes it easy to access.

  • Motion
  • X-Y drive:High performance servo drive system
  • Transmission : Ball screw & linear guide mechanism
  • Resolution : X axis: ±0.03mm, Y axis: ±0.02mm, Z axis: ±0.02mm
  • Max. stroke : X axis: 472mm, Y axis: 645mm, Z axis: 50 mm
  • Theta axis resolution : 0.15°
  • Pick & Place head placement accuracy : ±0.10mm
  • Vision
  • Camera:
  • Fixed CCD: 659 x 494 pixels.
  • Carried CCD: 659 x 494 pixels
  • Field of view:19.2mm x 19.2mm
  • Vision alignment:IC corner leads
  • Vision accuracy:±0.01mm
  • Vision process time:~ 0.1 sec / unit
  • Programming
  • Resident programmer:
  • ALL-100A for programming of regular MCU and memory devices
  • FLASH-100 for programming of high capacity memory devices
  • Programming site:8 x 2 = 16 sites
  • Pin driver:
  • ALL-100A: 68 universal pin drivers per set
  • FLASH-100: 56 x 8 universal pin drivers per set
  • Applicable products:PROM, EPROM, EEPROM, FLASH, MCU, PLD, PAL, FPGA... etc.

  • Applicable packages:SOP, SSOP, PLCC, MLF, TSOP, QFP, QFN, TQFP, BGA, μBGA…etc.
  • Marking
  • Optional tape-out-marking with dot (1.5mm ~ 2.0mm) or alphanumeric (2mm x 3mm)
  • Throughput
  • Handler index time:~ 5.5 sec. / 2 units
  • Throughput:~ 1300 UPH
  • I/O devices
  • Auto Tray :
  • Auto tray move in, move out and replacement.
  • Stack up to 20~25 JEDEC trays for fresh / pass units
  • Semi-auto Tray : Auto tray move in, move out but manual replacement for fresh / pass units
  • Manual Tray : Two JEDEC trays for manual input / output or spares / rejects binning
  • NG Plate : One small plate for prog. & other rejects
  • Tube Input :
  • 150mil, 208mil, 300mil… packages available.
  • Load capacity : 4 tubes
  • Tube Output :
  • 150mil, 208mil, 300mil… packages available.
  • Load capacity : 4 or 6 tubes
  • Tape Input:
  • Options of mechanical drive mode & electrical drive mode are available
  • Tape In with 12 ~ 32mm tape width is available
  • Up to 2 sets of Tape In can be installed in parallel for tape width 12 ~ 16mm
  • Tape Output :
  • Options of heat sealing mode & pressure sealing mode are available
  • Accept tape with 12 ~ 32mm tape width
  • Control
  • Built-in Controller:PC-based control with Windows XP
  • Display : 19” LCD monitor
  • Data entry : Keyboard / mouse
  • Power
  • AC voltage:200 ~ 245V / 50-60Hz Single phase.
  • Power consumption:1.3 KVA
  • Air
  • Air pressure:0.6 MPa (~6.0 kg/cm2)
  • Air consumption:25 liter/min.
  • Dimension
  • Base Unit:W x D x H : 1005mm x 1070mm x 1600mm
  • Base + Tray I/O:W x D x H : 1005mm x 1610mm x 1600mm
  • Base + Tube I/O:W x D x H : 1005mm x 1780mm x 1600mm
  • Base + Tape I/O:W x D x H : 1005mm x 2045mm x 1600mm
  • Weight
  • Base Unit : ~ 470 kg


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