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Product Description

6G HDMI/MHL Audio and Video Generator/Analyzer

Optimized for HDMI 2.0 and can be used in production lines to verify HDCP support

SL-881 6G HDMI/MHL Audio and Video Generator/Analyzer

The SL-881 6G Handheld HDMI/MHL Audio and Video Generator (SL-881 AVG) is designed for testing source, sink, or repeater devices, and is compliant to the latest HDMI® 2.0a and MHL® 3.x specifications. The SL-881 AVG can be used either to generate audio and video test patterns, or when equipped with optional features operate as a generator/analyzer to validate HDMI 2.0a Compliance Test Specification (CTS) test IDs for Status and Control Data Channel (SCDC) signals. With its 4.3 inch color touch screen display and user friendly GUI, the SL-881 AVG is easy to use and is designed to expedite HDMI 2.0a- and MHL 3.x-compliant product development.


SL-881 Key Features

UHD (6G, HDMI 2.0a) Audio and Video Pattern Generator
  • Generates audio and video patterns for HDMI 2.0a and MHL 3.x, and analyzes video timings
  • Features one HDMI input, two HDMI outputs, and one MHL micro-USB output
  • Supports High Dynamic Range (HDR)
Portable Device
  • Handheld size
  • Rechargeable Li-Poly battery, up to 4-hour life-cycle
  • 4.3 inch Color Touch Screen Display
  • Selects, controls, and monitors testing

Optional Features

  • Verifies Scrambling setting for HDMI 2.0a devices and systems
  • Verifies Clock Ratio setting for HDMI 2.0a devices and systems
DDC Real-time Monitor
  • Monitors external DDC bus between source and sink devices
  • Monitors input and output ports’ DDC bus activities
EDID Editor
  • Reads EDID from TV
  • Edits EDID contents
  • Programs EDID into HDMI input port

SL-881 6G 便携式HDMI/MHL 音视频信号发生器


SL-881 6G 手持式 HDMI/MHL音视频信号发生器 (SL-881 AVG) 专为测试HDMI源端、接收端和中继端设备而设计,符合最新的 HDMI ® 2.0a 和 MHL® 3.x 规格。SL-881 AVG 可用于输出测试用的音视频信号,或当配备可选功能时,可作为发生器/分析仪,用来测试状态和控制数据通道(SCDC)信号是否符合 HDMI 2.0a 兼容性测试规范 (CTS)。SL-881 AVG的设计旨在加速用户关于 HDMI 2.0a和 MHL 3.x的产品开发。其采用 4.3 英寸彩色触摸显示屏和简洁的用户操作界面,操作起来简单直观。并且不同于传统AVG的笨重,SL-881 AVG轻巧的便携式的外形更方便使用。



UHD (6G, HDMI 2.0a) 超高清音视频信号发生器

• 产生HDMI2.0a 和MHL 3.x 音视频信号,并且可分析视频信号时序

• 配有一个HDMI收入接口,两个HDMI输出接口和一个MHL micro-USB 输入接口

• 支持高动态范围High Dynamic Range (HDR)


• 手持尺寸

• 大容量可充电锂-聚酯电池,充满电可连续使用长达4小时

• 4.3英寸彩色触摸屏

• 可直接设置和控制信号发生器,并可直观看到分析仪的结果



• 检验HDMI 2.0a 设备和系统的加扰设置

• 检验HDMI 2.0a 设备和系统的时钟比率设置

DDC 实时监控功能

• 监控外部源端和接收端间的DDC总线活动

• 监控输入和输出端口上的DDC总线活动

EDID 编辑器功能

• 从TV读取EDID数据

• 编辑EDID内容

• 将EDID应用到HDMI输入端口

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