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J&D Tech ARM JTAG 仿真器及調試器 Codeviser

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市面上最佳性價比的高階ARM 仿真器及調試器 Codeviser

IC 設計業Firmware 工程師必備工具

CodeViser是一高階 JTAG模擬器強大功能及最佳性價比可協助開發人員有效縮短產品上市時程及大幅降低成本。主要功能包括
  1. 支援全系列ARM core – ARM7/9/11, Cortex A/R/M, FA, XScaleAndes N7/N8/N9/N10/N12/N13, SRP(Samsumg DSP), QDSP(Qualcomm DSP)等; Cortex-A可支援Cortex A5/A7/A8/A9/A12/A15/A17; ARMv8 64-bit Cortex-A5x晶片
  2. 支援CDMA/WCDMA/GSM mobile等晶片Qualcomm MSM/QSD/QSC/ QDSP,TI, NVIDIA, FreeScale, Samsung, MTK, VIA, Marvell, NXP, ST-Ericsson, etc
  3. 支援主要Cortex-AMulti-core(AMP/SMP)晶片如下:
  4. RTOS awareness支援Linux, Android, WinCE/Windows mobile, Nucleus,ThreadX, uC/OS II/III, FreeRTOS, e-Cos, L4, REX, AMX, SMK等。OS 除錯支援 Kernel/Driver/Application/Module層級。
  5. cmm script file格式相容, 提供cef file(相對於emm file), 易於與現有專案接軌。
  6.  支援Simulator可擷取系統RAM Dump資料。
  7. Download速度: 1.5MB/Sec(USB 2.0)JTAG clock: 1KHz-50MHz
  8. Multi-core model外針對預算買家亦彈性提供Single/Dual core model, 並可以依後續需求選購作Core upgrade
  9. 另有針對Linux/Android的效能分析軟體(Performance Analyzer): CPA
  10. Target連接: 20/14 pin連接器 (另附TI Adapter)
  11. Target電壓: 1.8v-5v
  12. 電源:USBDC 5V/2A(SMPS)
  13. 軟體更新:由CVD更新firmware
  14. 作業系統:Windows 98/XP/XP/Vista/7(32/64 bits)
  15. 尺寸: 76*128*18 mm


CDV (CodeViser Debugger) 

CDV enables developers to enhance their development quality and speed

What is Debugger?
Debugger means software which enables user to load an image file (ELF / COFF etc) and trace it on the source code level. CodeViser JTAG Emulator works with exclusive software debugger, CVD (CodeViser Debugger). By default, the debugging sequence is same as following. 


CVD Specification : High Level Debugger CVD (CodeViser Debugger)
CVD is exclusive debugger software for CodeViser emulator and provides convenient development environment.
Convenient Built-in Editor • Syntax Coloring
• A variety of Font, Style, Find and Replace.
Various View Windows • Memory , Register, Local/Global Variable, Watch, Breakpoint, Call Stack Windows
• Workspace (Files, Functions, Variable Tree)
Easy CR Setting Window • User can configure each register setting within CVD UI conveniently.
Flash Programming for
Nor/ NAND / ONE Mand etc
• Device list support to program each flash device
Powerful Debugging Function • Various image format (ELF/AxF(Dwarf1/2/3/4),COFF,EXE,PIB,DLL,OUT etc)
• Simulator feature support
• C/C++ Source Level / Assembly Code Debugging
• Go/Stop/Step in/Out/Over/GotoCursor etc.
• HW/SW/Auto/Stop/GoStop/Condition Breakpoint.
• Performance/Elapsed Time Debugging
• Command Line Interface
• Multi-Core Debugging
• OS Debugging (Kernel/Library/App./Module)
CVD API(Application Programming Interface) Support The CVD Software contains an interface for external control of the CVD. The CVD
API gives external applications the possibility to control the debugger and the
program run by the debugger.
Console Window Support • CVD supports Serial /DCC/ Semihosting interface view window.
It's not necessary to launch other terminal view software 
to check serial/DCC/Semihosting message
Scripts Compatibility • CVD supports CSF, CMM script file.


更詳細講解可下載 Video Guide http://www.jndtech.co.kr/Temp/CodeViser_ChineseVideo.zip






J&D Tech ARM JTAG 仿真器及調試器 Codeviser J&D Tech CodeViser ARM JTAG Emulator